Deanna Harris


After living from coast to coast, Deanna has finally settled here in beautiful Collingwood and couldn’t be more proud to call this place home. She has a background in social work which has helped her to expand her skillset and has made helping people truly second-nature.

Always one to follow her passion - Deanna’s love of holistic living led her to Thailand to receive her yoga instructor training. Soon after, this same passion led her to become a registered massage therapist, giving her a renewed outlook on the concept of health and wellbeing.

Deanna is thrilled to come together with her like-minded business partner Jessica to bring a unique wellness experience to the town of Collingwood, where people can come together, learn, and grow.


Jessica Racioppa


Jessica moved to Collingwood from Toronto in 2017 and hasn’t looked back.  With its beautiful trails, sunny shores and welcoming community Collingwood is the perfect place to call home.  It was this move that brought her the great fortune of meeting, now business partner and co-owner, Deanna Harris. Their shared passion for health and wellness and entrepreneurial spirit inspired them to open Cedar and Sage.

No stranger to the arts, Jessica completed a degree in musical theatre focusing on singing, dancing and acting. Fast forward several years and her love for movement and the human body transformed into a fulfilling career as an RMT with a renewed passion for health and well being.  The opening of Cedar and Sage is an exciting new chapter and Jessica is thrilled to share it with the community of Collingwood!



Alyssa Joline



Pippa Rodrigues

Pippa has worked in customer service & the beauty industry for past 15 years. Running her own Eyelash Extension and Beauty business in Collingwood she is a dedicated member of the community. Passionate about ensuring every recieves the best service and the best experience they can. She is excited to share in the experience of everyone at Cedar & Sage



Salvatore Cutri

Sal brings to us 25 plus years of exceptional customer service!! Having managed one of Toronto's most luxurious boutique hotels for 11 years, also having plenty of experience in food and beverage outlets as well as Spa's. Customer service and taking care of the guest is priority number one, and will go out of his way to accommodate requests.



Brad Terrell

Brad has been a student of yoga, movement, and meditation from his earliest days of childhood. He found himself practicing yoga for a few hours every day and falling in love with its benefits. In 2011, Brad obtained his 200-RYT in Agonda, Goa, India. Brad has studied under many teachers and ashrams throughout the world and has studied in places such as Zanzibar, Tanzania, Gdynia, Poland, and across India. Brad's classes focus on clear and valuable instructions, often giving multiple it modifications and assists to Aid your practice.

Brad currently teaches in the Blue Mountain area and in Toronto where he shares his passion for yoga and learning with our local community. He also offers online classes and training, you can check him out on Instagram @brandterrellyoga or his website www.bradterrellyoga.com



Carley Simandl

Carley started her career as a passionate and dedicated Make-up Artist. While working so closely with the skin and peoples faces, Carley noticed many patterns of dehydration and malnutrition are very common. On a quest to learn more about nutrition, she attended The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. True Beauty is from the Inside-out. 

“If you can not pronounce it, do not eat it or put it on your skin”

Carley tried yoga for the first time at 30 years old and instantly loved the poses, connection to breath and transformative benefits.  In 2015, Carley went to Nicaragua and completed her first 500 yoga teacher training. Since her initial teaching training, she has completed 400 more hours of yoga training and has a certificate in Flow & Functional Power Yoga. 

Yoga is part of the healthy lifestyle puzzle and movement is such a critical adjunct to nutrition. Combining the best of all worlds, Carley coaches a healthy lifestyle while simplifying the process, keeping it educational and fun.

“It is the small things that you do daily that make the biggest difference”



Jill Diltz

Beginning my yoga journey due to a childhood back injury that left me with scoliosis. I quickly realized that the benefits of yoga were not just physical but much more then that. Jumping into my training 8 years ago in Costa Rica I competed my 200H vinyasa flow teacher training. Synchronizing breathe and movement to encompass a series of poses to engage the core, soul & mind for a more balanced physicality.



Kaely Bell

Kaely fell in love with yoga when she took her first class in 2010, and has been practicing ever since. Her journey and experiences have transformed her life, inspiring her to share the gift of Yoga and Ayurveda with others. At the start of 2016, Kaely completed her Modo Yoga teacher training In Nicaragua, and is now a 500 hour certified yoga instructor.

Kaely strives to help others develop body awareness and a balance between flexibility and strength. Most importantly, she sees yoga as a form of connection with our most honest selves. “Our lives are so busy, we are constantly under pressure, feeling stressed and sometimes out of control. Yoga has become my place of peace; it allows me to slow down, breathe and regroup.”

Kaely hopes to inspire people both on and off the mat through her yoga experience – whether in Midland, Wasaga or her hometown of Collingwood. Her free spirit is emulated in her love for nature and being active outdoors – she is often found hiking through the woods with her dog Finnegan.

“I am so thankful to the individual who introduced me to Yoga, it has allowed me to be me and showed me that I am enough. I wish to share this energy with others in hopes of changing the world in a positive way, one downward dog at a time.”
As the song goes, “Don’t worry, be happy!”; words Kaely lives by every day.



Marissa Dolotallas

Marissa lives for the moment - the joy, the peace, the ah-ha - and weaves this mindful presence into her yoga practice, teachings, and everyday life. Her yoga journey started soon after moving across the country from the west coast. She found yoga (or yoga found her!) at a time when she needed it most - reminding her to "release and let go", creating space for new chapters and personal growth. Inspired to learn more and share this with others, she completed her 200 hour training in 2009 and has since been sharing the joy of yoga with everyBODY.

Marissa continues to live her yoga on and off the mat in the great outdoors. She is often found hiking or with a paddle in hand as an SUP and kayak instructor and wilderness guide, hosting yoga adventure retreats in Ontario and abroad.

Her invitation: tune in and find your zen zone, connect with your mind-body-spirit... and be your own agent of change, healing, and transformation. Breathe in. Bliss out. Choose Joy.



Shayne River

Shayne grew up in the small town of Ravenna, Ontario, where she discovered an immense passion for nature, community, and physical activity. Since then, she has remained curious about the synergistic connections between body, mind, and spirit. This curiosity inspired her to pursue university degrees in Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, and Psychology, while also completing her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher certification in Vancouver, BC. Shayne has instructed yoga for many organizations on the west coast, including the UBC Yoga Club, Fast and Female Canada, Gathering Our Voices, the First Nations House of Learning, SisuGirls, and more. She appreciates the multifaceted benefits of a dedicated yoga practice, and saturates each of her classes with creative sequencing, authentic teachings, precise alignment cues, and opportunities for deep inquiry. Her mission is to empower her students to develop a sense of wonder for their bodies, their planet, and their universe.



Terry Brancati

During an expansive five year journey travelling the world, Terry experienced numerous synchronicities that led her to a path of self discovery, and sparked her longing for a personal understanding of inner peace. Through realizing that the quest doesn’t end, Terry has allowed herself to be guided towards her calling of holding space for others, helping them to focus inwardly and remember that all that they seek lies within themselves.

Terry studied Holistic Nutrition on Vancouver Island and completed her 200 hr YYT in Peru in early 2019. She plans to marry these two passions together to share, create, and expand herself and others. Allowing herself to be a channel of whatever is meant to flow and be shared, her nurturing classes aim to leave you feeling connected, renewed, and bala



Treva Windebank

Treva discovered yoga 16 years ago as a way to centre herself in this crazy busy world! Wherever she is her mat is never far away. In 2014 she became a certified yoga teacher, completing her 200 hour yoga teacher training with The White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, California. Her classes focus on the connection between movement and breath, striving to create a deeper level of practice and cultivate body awareness. Treva relocated to the Blue Mountains 18 years ago and loves being outdoors–paddling, running, hiking, mountain biking or whatever takes her there. She shares her life and love of sunshine with her husband Michael and their three rescue dogs Maurice, Desmond and Linus.


Registered Massage Therapist

Josie MacLachlan

Josie grew up and was educated in Toronto. After graduating from Centennial College with honours in 2001, she dived into the profession and has worked in a variety of environments. As a result she has a wide variety of experience with many conditions.

Josie decided to put the hustle and bustle of the city behind her in 2014 and moved to Collingwood. She comes to Cedar & Sage with a wealth of experience and enthusiasm!